ProfilePicFor history organizations, nonprofits, and even government agencies, it can be a big challenge to find the expertise you need to fulfill your mission, while at the same time meet regulatory standards and stakeholder demands. This is especially true when you’re faced with complex and daunting archival projects where it’s not obvious how to successfully execute the project, let alone know where to begin.

In understaffed and under resourced organizations, who’s supposed to do the work? Who has the expertise required? And where’s the budget for all of this?

Hi, I’m Rachael. And I know better than anyone how difficult it can be to find the right resources, staffing, and know-how to properly manage your collections. My mission is to empower archives, museums, historical societies, and government repositories to tackle these projects with confidence, and minimum effect on tight budgets and overwhelmed staff.

Need an expert help with preserving, organizing, digitizing, and displaying collections? Is your archival project too much to handle?

Organizations with history collections often can’t afford experienced and dedicated staff to preserve, organize, digitize, catalog, and display collections. Even when staff can’t be hired permanently, professionals can be brought in for temporary assistance. I have the expertise needed to come into any collection situation and work with the staff available to create a plan, deliver training, manage the work, and implement sustainable actions to protect, manage, digitize, and present historical artifacts.

Need funding for your project?

Because financing outside expertise can be a challenge, I can help you acquire more resources by helping you find and apply for grant opportunities that match your mission. For many organizations, grant funding is pivotal to cover the additional resources and expertise needed to get the the job done right. This is especially important if your project is bound by any specific ethical and professional standards; where cutting corners can result in a project’s failure, or worse: impact future funding, give rise to legal action, and soil an organization’s reputation.

Let’s work together! Schedule a free 60 minute consult call, to learn how I can turn your vision into a reality.

Or, feel free to connect directly at 503-922-3402, consulting@rachaelcristine.com.

Image courtesy of Carolina Prysyazhnyuk, via Flickr’s Creative Commons (https://www.flickr.com/photos/129657698@N02/16159019626/), and follows the Creative Commons Attribution License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/. Image downloaded for use May 2017, and was not purposefully altered. 

Rachael is an accomplished archivist and bound to become a leader in historic preservation for the state of Oregon. Thanks to her professional skills and active outreach to the Oregon wine community, she has been able to secure thousands of dollars in grants in support of projects for the Oregon Wine History Archive at Linfield College. This is important to me as the main grant writer for this institution. Rachael is also a stellar colleague, always kind, supportive and collegial. I highly recommend Rachael to any organization interested in her expertise. – CJM

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Here is a light so brilliant you feel it, yea, even 2800 miles away from the Pacific Northwest. Highly professional and warm, Rachael’s energy and motivations are effectively transforming academic archives. Having recently taken up residence in the District’s Smithsonian (Freer|Sackler), I can attest to the fruits of her labor here also – digital and physical collections initiatives thriving still, with the help of her Vision. Her passion for and sensitivity to cultural heritage in the archival space is helping catapult the Oregon Wine History Archives, and I can’t wait to see more of the positive ripple effect. I wish I’d been able to spend longer than one year as Archives Specialist under her at Linfield College; from interview onward, she has been nothing less than a much cherished blessing in my life. A very hearty thanks to and celebration of, this human gem! – SH

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