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Here is a light so brilliant you feel it, yea, even 2800 miles away from the Pacific Northwest. Highly professional and warm, Rachael’s energy and motivations are effectively transforming academic archives. Having recently taken up residence in the District’s Smithsonian (Freer|Sackler), I can attest to the fruits of her labor here also – digital and physical collections initiatives thriving still, with the help of her Vision. Her passion for and sensitivity to cultural heritage in the archival space is helping catapult the Oregon Wine History Archives, and I can’t wait to see more of the positive ripple effect. I wish I’d been able to spend longer than one year as Archives Specialist under her at Linfield College; from interview onward, she has been nothing less than a much cherished blessing in my life. A very hearty thanks to and celebration of, this human gem! – SH

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Rachael was my colleague in the archives department for five years. Her work ethic is top-notch, and we worked together very well as we built the college archives and the Oregon Wine History Archive basically from scratch. Rachael is diligent, patient and extremely detail-oriented. She understands the world of archives and has a wide variety of skills in planning, research and writing.

Whenever Rachael promises to do something, she does it. She is adept at juggling multiple projects large and small, and prioritizing appropriately. In addition, she doesn’t cut corners and delivers the best possible quality.

Half of our job was designing our own projects and seeing them through, and half was responding to other entities – students, faculty, staff, alumni, researchers, donors – and handling whatever questions or problems they brought forward. This could be a small research request or a major project, a small copy edit or a major fact in dispute. Rachael responded to all issues and problems calmly and professionally, seeking to solve problems or resolve issues.

Rachael is a wonderful archivist, researcher and writer. She’s also an amazing person.


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