Rachael’s overall quality of services has been uniformly excellent and surpassed my expectations. Her experience, expertise and professionalism are of the highest caliber. I found our relationship to be a model for effective and congenial interactions between a contractor and consultant.

Rachael was consistently clear and reliable as to how and when her services would be delivered under the Scope of Work of our contract and I was never disappointed or let down by performance less than promised or delivered late. She is always on time and exceedingly well prepared for appointments and is a real pleasure to work with. Her archival ‘products’—agreed-upon work for us—have been thoughtfully composed and customized to meet our specific needs and circumstances. She is able to communicate clearly about what we often found to be confusing standards and mysterious software, as well as a vast spectrum of subjects like museum-related policies, accessioning, numbering, collections care and storage environment. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing a qualified consulting archivist and consider the Foundation very fortunate, indeed, to have stumbled upon a person of her caliber.

Rachael displayed constructive and positive responses to any Foundation-generated quirks that necessitated changing our schedule for work delivered or which unfortunately delayed the prompt issuance of payment on her invoice, which happened once and which we deeply regretted. We look forward hopefully to raising additional grant funding that would allow us to contact her again to help us as we move through the stages of processing a small, unprocessed collection of mostly ephemera and images.


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