As the Pacific Northwest Railroad Archive (PNRA) moved to implement its Digital Archive Plan, we engaged Rachael Christine Consulting.  Rachael proved to be extremely adept in refining and updating the existing digital archive plan, supporting development of the data entry process and providing training to our volunteer staff in general archival practices and specific data entry procedures.  She was a knowledgeable intermediary between PNRA and the (freeware) archival software provider and became practiced enough in the software to identify a bug that was subsequently scheduled for correction. By the conclusion of her initial contract she had overseen the development of the cataloging process, reviewed the newly developed process documentation and supported preparation of our grant agency completion report.

Knowledgeable and personable, Rachael is a pleasure to work with.  She maintains a balanced approach, addressing both the requirements of archival cataloging, and the knowledge and vocabulary of the user population.  While keeping a broad archival perspective, she happily gets down into the details of a specific application, acting as a ready reference in resolving specific catalog implementation issues.  Her expertise repeatedly helped us to avoid errors and subsequent rework.

We intend to further engage her as we move into full online presence as a trusted archival facility.

-WP, Pacific Northwest Railroad Archive

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