The Arc/k Project went through the Get into Grants program in June & July 2018. The structure of the program necessitated the gathering of key staff as we went through the process of identifying our needs and prioritizing project ideas. The exercises and worksheets Rachael lead us through helped us to critically evaluate our project vision and allowed us an opportunity to get on the same page. Our work together during this program provided clarity on our priorities and the steps needed to reach our goals. With that foundation and a selection of identified priority projects, Rachael next taught us how to articulate project ideas in grant application terms and break them down into achievable timelines. The resources and lessons she provided are replicable, and we will definitely use them in our future grant work. With grant projects in place, Rachael additionally provided an analysis on grant and foundation opportunities that matched Arc/k’s projects and delivered sample templates for each of our project ideas. The analysis and templates identified areas where Arc/k may need to do more research or connect with partners, and she provided suggestions for next steps. Rachael was fantastic to work with, and we appreciated her clear and logical approach to preparing us for grant application. We felt supported through the whole process and now have confidence in our approach to grants.

-SP, Arc/k Project

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