A List of Webinars for the Remainder of 2020

To get us through the remainder of 2020 I’ve put together a series of webinars to help support you. As a member of my community you can register to receive information to watch the webinar the day of, or wait to receive a link to watch it on-demand. Each webinar invites you to send questions ahead of time via the registration page so make sure to send in your questions if you’d like me to address them during the presentation. These webinars are free to attend and will begin at 11am Pacific on their stated premiere date–unless noted otherwise.

2020 Webinar Schedule

October 22: Archives are Always Essential, presented by Rachael Cristine Woody with Ryan Anthony Donaldson. Learn more and register here. Update: Recording is now available here.

Abstract: Many of us in the field know that archives are essential, but sometimes it feels like a best-kept secret. It’s challenging to convey the true value of our collections despite our best efforts with digital content, social media, and other outreach and awareness activities. It’s time to unleash the full potential of heritage collections and archives and we’ll show you how. This webinar will review historic outreach challenges, and how they’ve been compounded and complicated by larger global events in 2020. And in honor of Archives Month, we will explore proactive and actionable responses to these challenges–including relevant examples and additional voices.

November 5: Ask Me Anything: Grants Edition, presented by Rachael Cristine Woody. Learn more and register here. Update: Recording is now available here.

Abstract: When you think of grant writing what comes to mind? For my clients it’s usually a feeling of overwhelm as you juggle the need for grant money with the intense pressure to craft a winning grant proposal. And unfortunately 2020 has only increased the level of competition as every library, archives, and museum struggles to keep financially afloat. If ever there was a time to get good at grant writing–it’s now. So what grant writing roadblocks are in between you and writing grants with confidence? Tell me what they are and let’s get into it.

Save the Date

November 12: Breaking with Tradition: Creating Connections in the Archives with New Types of Access, presented by Rachael Cristine Woody with Bridgett Kathryn Pride. Update: Recording is now available here.

Abstract: When the general public is introduced to the archives it’s often an intimidating experience. Our ceremony of white gloves, use of expensive boxes, and enforcement of heavily restricted collections access all serve to intimidate and dissuade new users. Whether we intend to or not, archivists are sending the message that they are the gatekeepers of the collection and only “serious business” can be conducted with the collections. So, how do we break that messaging down? How can we serve up the collections in a way that is not only inviting, but inspirational? Rachael Woody is teaming up with Bridgett Kathryn Pride to talk about breaking down archival barriers, empowering novice users, and creating points of access to collections through artful guidance.

December 3: Strategies for How to Attract and Train the Best Volunteers, presented by Rachael Cristine Woody. Update: Registration is now available here.

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Speaking of Webinars…

Did you catch the Ask Me Anything: Career Edition webinar event? If you missed it, or want to watch it again, it’s available via YouTube:

AMA: Career Edition

Here’s what one webinar attendee shared with me:

Recent Features

As many of you know, I created and co-sponsored the Archivist-in-Residence program for Northwest Archivists. Our resident has just completed their first month and you can read about the challenges and opportunities they encountered working remotely on a historical collection, via the NWA Blog.

I recently completed an Oregon Cultural Trust-sponsored project with Astoria Public Library. The original project was supposed to include hosting community events with the collections. Due to COVID-19 we can’t safely meet with the community; however, we can bring the collections to them (virtually)! Please check out our introduction video explaining the project, and our first collection feature on local historian Russell Dark.

An Introduction to the Historical Collection Work at Astoria Public Library
Featuring the Russell Dark Collection from Astoria Public Library

Finally, check out a few of my posts via Lucidea’s Think Clearly Blog:

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