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I write and speak for several regional and national organizations.

Contributing to dialogue in the field is a priority for me. While I believe everyone should be compensated for their labor, I do realize the importance of selectively dedicating our time and energy to bettering the professional field and organizations therein. I prioritize participating in at least one group for both my regional and national organizations. I also provide blog posts, articles, presentations, webinars, and workshops through these professional organizations.

This page gathers all of my current books, articles, blog posts, webinars, workshops, and other learning resources that are available — many of them for free.


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In partnership with Lucidea, I attend Author Signing Events where you can pick up free copies of my books and ask me questions.

I have two books available: A Survivor’s Guide to Museum Grant Writing and How to Select, Buy, and Use a Museum CMS. Both books were published by Lucidea Press and are available in paperback via Amazon.

Thanks to Lucidea Press, I can offer you a free e-copy of these books through the following links:

A Survivor’s Guide to Museum Grant Writing

How to Select, Buy, and Use a Museum CMS

If you have more questions about my services for grant acquisition strategy or digital collections management please see those tabs on my website.


Articles for peer-reviewed journals can take a long time to make it through the editorial process. As such, I tend to focus on more immediate outlets. Here is a selection of published articles:

Review: Hamilton: The Exhibition,” The Public Historian, vol. 42. no. 1, February 2020 (pp. 126-132).

The Game Changer: Looking Back 30 Years to the Burgundy Wine Challenge,” Oregon Wine Press, September 2015.

Archiving Oregon: Linfield College Captures Story of State’s Evolving Wine History,” Oregon Wine Press, March 2015.

A Grape Idea: Competitive Collaboration is a Win-Win for Regional Archives,” Northwest Archivists’ Easy Access, Winter 2015.

Following the Roots of Oregon Wine,” Oregon Historical Quarterly, 2013.

Create and Measure Success: The Smithsonian Collections Blog,” The Interactive Archivist, November 2011.

Blog Posts

I am a regular contributor to Lucidea’s Think Clearly Blog and SAA’s ArchivesAWARE! blog.

Lucidea’s Think Clearly Blog features one post a week from me. The content for this blog is written for museums, though much of the content is applicable for any type of history and culture-based organization. Topics include grant acquisition strategy, digital collections management, and current events that impact museums. The posts are too numerous to list here, but you can view all of my posts via this link.

SAA’s ArchivesAWARE! covers advocacy and outreach topics to help archives and archivists. I contribute the most to the Responses & Retrospectives series and have published the following posts:

Responses & Retrospectives: Rachael Woody Reflects on 2019 Issues

Responses & Retrospectives: Rachael Woody’s Annual Conference Coverage on the Value of Archival Labor Sessions

Responses & Retrospectives: Rachael Woody on Myspace and the Preacrity of User Content on Social Media Platforms

Responses & Retrospectives: Rachael Woody on the Decline of History Majors and Its Impact on Archives

And I have a few original posts via my website blog:

An Update on Webinars, LAM Relief Funds, and a New Advocacy Call

An Evaluation of the Stimulus Package and Resources for LAM Professionals

COVID-19: Five Actions to Take Right Now for Archives, Museums, and Cultural Heritage Organizations

Where Our Professional Conferences Fail Us

Museums Can No Longer Ignore Colonizer Narratives

SAA’s Non-Statement on the Destruction of ICE Records

Webinars & Videos

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I’m currently delivering an average of one webinar a month in partnership with Lucidea.

I have a series of webinars available via Lucidea. You can view Lucidea’s Upcoming Webinars here and an archive of my webinars here. These webinars are free to everyone and just requires an email address in order to receive a link to the recording.

I also have a selection of short informational videos via my YouTube Channel. Video creation has been paused as I’m in the middle of revamping my content offerings.

I recently collaborated with Chris Cummings and Margot Note on a Society of American Archivists webinar, sponsored by the Committee on Public Awareness. Deriving Value from Collections in the Time of Corona (COVID-19) is available for free and on-demand via YouTube. While the webinar was created to support colleagues during the coronavirus pandemic, the principles taught are ones to incorporate in your own work, even when there’s not a pandemic.

As a companion piece to Deriving Value, I expanded the content I covered to create Strategies for How to Capture and Communicate the Value of Collection Work also available via YouTube. Many archives and museum professionals are facing precarious employment as they struggle to prove the value of their work. This webinar is a deep dive into strategies for how to capture and communicate the value of collection work. I provide a framework to define the value of your work, discuss mechanisms for capturing value, and offer strategies for communicating the value of your work to your boss, your board, your fellow staff, and your community stakeholders.

Workshops & Courses

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Workshops: I travel nationally with my workshops and present regularly at regional and national professional organizations such as Northwest Archivists, National Council on Public History, and Society of American Archivists. I also partner with organizations who host their peers for a local (to them) workshops held outside the conference season. My current workshop offerings are grant specific and you can read more about them via my “Grant Services” tab. I plan to add both collection assessment and digital collections management workshops in the near future.

Online Courses: I now offer a suite of on-demand courses via the Kajabi course platform.  To begin, I have a free mini-course: Get into Grants!. By the end of summer I will add two paid courses Going from Zero to Winning with Grants and Growing Grant Success with Better Grant Writing. The courses come with video instruction, guided exercises, and an assortment of supportive documents based off my popular in-person workshops. My teaching style is to present the strategy, give examples, and offer insight into each of the subject areas covered. Going through these courses is an opportunity to get to know me and my teaching style before engaging me in the grant acquisition services I offer.

Question: Are you ready to get started? Schedule a free 60 minute consult call with me to learn how I can turn your vision into a reality. Or, feel free to connect directly at 503-922-3402, [email protected]. Not quite ready to get to work? No problem! Join my newsletter to stay in touch and receive information and resources to help you get the job done.

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