Programs can be found anywhere – in companies, nonprofits, museums, etc. Programs are in place because they help an organization achieve goals, meet stakeholder needs, and execute a mission. It can sometimes be overwhelming to launch a new program. I can help you take a program idea and implement it to where it’s effective, resonates with the target audience, and is useful to the organization’s mission. Here’s how I can help you put the horse in front of the cart and get your program rolling:

  • Review and assess an organization’s mission, goals, needs, resources, stakeholders
  • Generate ideas to elevate an existing program or launch a new one
  • Facilitate a stakeholder listening session
  • Scope the program and create an ideal budget, or scope to an existing budget
  • Construct activities and projects to expand the program
  • Review needs for social media platform, conduct audience analysis and provide a social media platform recommendation
  • Assess potential funding sources (see fundraising)
  • Implement project structures (see projects)
  • Provide any necessary training
  • Write a program analysis

Let’s work together! Call or email me for a free 30 minute consult call, to learn how I can turn your vision into a reality: 503.922.3402,


Image courtesy of me, from the Woody Family Archives.