You’re running a great program, but you need extra money in order to buy something, do something, build Something Awesome. I’ve been there. It’s important to you, but you’re not sure how to communicate its importance to others. What’s more, you don’t know who would give you money for this Something Awesome. Let me help, and here’s how:

  • Review your need of Something Awesome and provide tips on how to articulate it
  • Provide training on how to identify and cultivate potential donors
  • Teach you how to make “the ask”
  • Provide grant prospect research for you to review
  • Write grant(s) for you
  • Review, edit, and provide suggestions regarding the grant proposal (if you wrote it)
  • Evaluate event options, both in person and online
  • Discuss return on investment (ROI) for potential fundraising activities

Let’s work together! Call or email me for a free 30 minute consult call, to learn how I can turn your vision into a reality: 503.922.3402,


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