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Rachael WoodyHaving an expert on the team can make a difference.

For libraries, archives, museums, heritage organizations, historical societies, and government agencies, it can be a big challenge to create and run collection projects. These projects are critical to your work because they’re vehicles to help your organization fulfill its mission, meet regulatory standards, and stakeholder demands. Yet, staff time, collection tools, and expertise needed for collection projects are scarce.

I’ve worked with dozens of organizations and the one thing they all have in common is this: there aren’t enough resources and expertise needed to complete a project successfully. No matter the size of your organization, I have the ability to scale to your budget and project needs.

“Rachael quickly turned around a collection survey, processing plan and draft budget for a large collection important to our university. Her work was high-quality, on-time and clearly communicated.”

Here’s How I Can Help

Whether you need to digitize, prepare an exhibit, implement a new collections management system (CMS), or process a collection, I can help you craft and manage these projects to a successful completion. My step by step approach focuses on pragmatically structuring projects so that they can be managed sustainably and completed efficiently. I not only know the best way to assess, organize, digitize, catalog, and display your collection, I’m also familiar with the latest specialized tools needed. For organizations that don’t have enough full-time or permanent staff, this can mean saving valuable time and money, while making the most of your collection. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the size of your project, I can simplify what can be a daunting process and empower you  to get the job done right!

“In one week Rachael was able to bring order to chaos. I enjoyed working with her and she was responsive to my questions providing solutions versus answers.”

Services Offered

Here are a few examples of how I can work with your organization. If you don’t see what you need on the list, please contact me to get support.

Rachael is conducting a collection assessment onsite at a cultural heritage organization's offsite storage.
Here I am conducting a collection assessment onsite.

Assess Collection Needs: Conduct an assessment and create a collection plan or preservation needs report. Assess collections scheduled for processing, provide a needs assessment, and suggest a processing workflow. Evaluate the collection and make recommendations on: facility upgrades, budgeting, staffing, supplies, and technology. These reports are helpful when seeking grant or donor funding for future collection work or for reporting to higher administration to request resources for the collections.

Digital Services: Evaluate and recommend collection management system (CMS) and digitization equipment. Implement technology, craft an efficient workflow, and create a finding aid and/or catalog record template per collection. Please see the “Digital Collections Management” tab for more detailed information on my experience and services.

Pictured is a laptop and microphone. The laptop has a presentation on the screen entitled: Museums.
I provide both onsite and virtual trainings.

Train Staff: Lead trainings for staff and volunteers in collection handling, rehousing, preservation, repair, processing, cataloging, or digitization.

Preservation Practices: Recommend the best way to preserve your collection, from artifacts, to paper, to photographs, to digital records. 

Research and Exhibits: Research primary sources for historical information and deliver a genealogical report, exhibit proposal, or historical narratives.

Oral History: Create an oral history program and provide an interview template with technology recommendations. Conduct, edit, and publish recorded oral history interviews.

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