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The reality is, managing and maintaining historical collections costs money.

Grant funding is critical to secure the staffing, supplies, and expertise needed to preserve and present historical artifacts. But grant writing can be time consuming and challenging, and how do you even begin to find the right grant opportunity to fund your project?

In my first year as an archivist, I realized pretty quickly that funding for museums and nonprofits was often scarce. However, I didn’t let this stop me. I worked to become a grant writing expert so that I can help history organizations get the resources they need to fund their mission and get back to doing the job they love.

Don’t let your heritage project be a casualty of this year’s budget. If you need funding and resources to manage and promote your collection, I can help you identify grant worthy projects and teach you how to apply for them.

-Services Offered-

For new clients:
New clients are eligible for the Get into Grants! program: (please contact for a package price)

Most organizations skip important steps in the grant process and as a result they fail to secure funding. The Get Into Grants! program will increase your chances of getting a grant with a proven, step by step process to set you up for project funding success. And bonus – once you learn the process, you can use it again and again for all your future grant work!

For current and past clients:
Please contact me for a quote on your current or evolving project.

Click here for a consultation to receive more information on the Get into Grants! program.

Or, feel free to connect directly: 503-922-3402,

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